Reviews for "Ghost Motel 7"

Another great addition to the series!

~The Pros~
This game wasn't exactly the most exciting game of the series, but it definitley required patience if you really waneted to pass the exam. The animation was really well done, as usual, and there was improvement that I have seen every time I played this flash series. The backgrounds were also incredibly fluent and added some spunk to the entire flash. The change of music brought a new, cool sound to the game, as every game in the series has. Also, the voice acting was clear and had no static at all. There was a lot to do in the Demon Hunter Academy, even though most of it was listening to wierd voices. However, the voice acting for the teachers was done really well, and I think that the voices could actually pass for a real teacher.

~The Cons~
Even though I knew that the borningness of all the lectures would turn out to be more fun in the future, it was still really boring for the time being. Also, when you went into the different training rooms, Joseph couldn't do any of the activites that the other Demon Hunter Trainies did. Also, some of the voice acting was monotonic. Also, since I was too lazy to actually listen to the lectures, it was harder to pass the exam without trying more than once.

Overall, a pretty damn good training flash that I hope will payoff in the future. I hope you benefit from this review!
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4 out of 5

Violet-AIM responds:

Thank you.


much more interesting now!

I really liked this one

~The Good~

The story is really starting to unfold and the big fight between ghosts and demons is coming soon, I believe! I really liked this one because of all the interactivity, I can't believe you actually made you go through all the classes, very sneeky of you two. Well, 10 classes is a whole lot, and I did actually enjoy it. Even in the begining with the whole trade-off between stores was fun to deal with. The sound was done very well, I see you included more voice talents in this besides only your two voices. The music by Violet-AIM was done almost proffesionally, it fits the atmosphere of this perfectly.

~The bad~

The begining was done a little carelessly, in my opinion. They animation was a little choppy and they kind of just push the guard and knock him out for a little, which was funny because he's three times bigger than them. Also, in some parts, the voice acting sounded very monotonic and scripted, though the teachers' voices were good. Another thing I didn't like was that some of the classes were really pointless, like the shooting gallery and the sword duels, it would've been a lot cooler if you added a little mini-game for those types of things. The test was also pretty easy, it would've been harder and better if you just got your total in the end instead of getting a big "FAIL, try again" sign, makes it easy to just guess through the questions.

Overall, probobly my best one yet, not too hard but still very fun. I hope this review was helpful!

Review Request Club

so so

It was pretty lame how joeseph just pushed the gaurd and he just fell and stayed down so long they left instead try making a fite scene


nuthin too new and u really need 2 sort out voices - answers to test are: D E B F C D