Reviews for "Ghost Motel 7"

Probably one of the worst...

What was with the absolute pitch darkness at the beggining? And lectures are boring, you should know that. Well, these ones were short, and interesting, so that was okay. The puzzles were easy, however I feel there was something hidden about those ? rooms.


omfg y she need caffeine so bad well done!

(it took me over 8 tries to pass the exam)

This is my favorite one

it was good but the puzzles weren't that hard 1#you have to go to the sandwich place. 2#you have to go to the girl and ask were is the demon academy then see wants you to get here a cup of coffee 3#then you go to the pet shop and the girl will give you a gold fish give that to the donut place and the will give you a donut 4# give that to the coffee place and then they will give you coffee and bring that to the girl.

this was a fun episode

one of my favorites so far. this episode was fun because you got to go to school, i enjoyed going to each class and doing the lecture.

some of the rooms had no purpose and were dumb suck as the "couch room" sword fighting room and target practice (but the sword fighting and target practice are fun)


graphics- a little better then previous ones

style- still origional no themes being repeated

sound- good like all of them

violence- sword fighting and target practice

interactivty- almost all

humor- little

I enjoyed it!


The sound was very good in this flash; especially the background music. The graphics weren't bad, and the style wasn't, either. Like the last reviewer, I think that the backgroudns were pretty good in this flash 9maybe I wouldn't have noticed that if I ahdn't read that poitn of his review! :p).


Joseph's voice was a little quiet, and didn't have very much emotion. I guess it's better to have the voice than not have them at all, though. Also, I (basically) jsut guessed through the whole exam, and passed. And there wasn't very much interactivity in this one, either. Joesph couldn't train with swords, guns or anything.