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Now he's official. Way good.

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Thank you


ALRIGHT!!!!!!! the best academy ever!! i want to go there when i die! LULZ

Lots of buildup

Ah, so this piece is building us up towards getting Joseph a certificate as a demon hunter and some real fun from going after the nasties of this sequence.

I like the way that you're giving us a good education on the mechanics of how demons, spirits and ghosts work. I like what you've done and how the whole thing has been set up as an organisation to rid the world of demons, who are clearly harmful to the place.

It doesn't go into the fact that the world is more about balance than good, so maybe that's where the failing is?

I think that combined with working on the drawing and maybe a slightly less linear plotline would be a huge benefit to this whole series, as you've certainly proven that you are capable of making a good flash movie and later a great game as well.

The only question I really had is that you don't allow the ghosts to fly upwards - they had to help each other through the air vent by climbing on each other - how come they couldn't just levitate up to the hole, as per traditional ghosts?

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This was brilliant, I loved everything in it. All the different voice overs and animations, and how things worked. It was fun to play from start to end, just very long. Keep up the good work.

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Quite a lot to read here

Well, this is propably the episode with the most background information so far. It's quite a lot, so hopefully I will remember at least half of it, heh.

The idea to let Joseph attend a deamon hunter academy is pretty good and I liked the examn at the end of the flash, even though I guessed the last question. ^^

Overall, not that much to do here, but the background information is very interesting.

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