Reviews for "Ghost Motel 7"

This was pretty much just retelling everything...

I found this episode to basically be a big summary of the storyline of the previous episodes, without much new information. Therefor, I have to consider this one of the worst of the episodes. However, if someone just wants to watch your later episodes, this is a fine place to start.

Also, it was quite obvious that the reason for the unusually large file size in this one was because of long audio sequences with the lessons. I think that could have been axed, therefor bringing it down to a much smaller file size.

Violet-AIM responds:

Often when people to watch ghost motel, they're not as dedicated as you are, I mean they don't go back to watch previous episodes, so without the lectures, some people would be clueless and then complain that they have no idea how to know the answers. It is also to show that it is a school, where Joseph is actually having to learn certain things, regardless if he's heard of them before or not. Of course it would be easier to have the lectures silent to save file space, but I thought it would be better if people could listen to the lecture rather than just read the text. Anyways, thanks for the review Seizure_Dog, and for watching all the episodes. :)

i love this series soo much

heres a spoiler for the test:

1) d
2) e
3) b
4) f
5) c
6) d

i hope this helps you guys. this game was good, five out of five.

Violet-AIM responds:

Right, those are the right answers. It wasn't too hard, was it? Thanks for reviewing homer6.

That Test Was Hard

I looked in every room and still did not know one of the answers! Ow well, at least second time I took the test I passed! Really goo music and Art!

Violet-AIM responds:

It was? It seemed easy to me, but I guess it was cause I made the questions which were supposed to be based on the classroom lectures. Thanks for checking out Ghost Motel! :)

cool series

i love the ghost motel series. around what month do you think 8 is coming out. just give me an estimate. i dont care if its right or wrong.

Violet-AIM responds:

Okay, an estimate, maybe July. I think my collab partner might have a better idea when it'll be done. But I do know that we're really close, and the majority of it is completed, it's just the small things here and there that needed to be added or fixed. Thanks for the review and check back later on ep.8. :)

Damn this shit's fun

JUst dorppin some lines to say that Ghost Motel is a badass series and to keep up the good work and dont stop makin them. I was kinda wondering when the next one is gonna come out. I know that you can't be for sure but I was wondering if you could atleast give an estimation. But yeah keep up the ggod work and keep making 'em. Oh yeah and the challenges are fun too!

Violet-AIM responds:

Yeah, it might appear that they've stopped, but actually episode 8 is still being worked on. It's taking awhile because it's a game. I really don't like giving estimates only because I don't want to misinform ppl. It could be as soon as next month, but then maybe not. And I'm also trying something out in another episode, which could be a 3D animated episode, but it depends on if I can manage to fit it in a low enough file size to submit to NG.