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Reviews for "_-={From Darkness, Rise}=-_"

If only your songs were longer

you have great potential. I could see songs like this being played by concert orchestras. The beauty of your songs is something to be preserved.

MaestroRage responds:

In this particular case floydian, the song had to be 2 minutes, as was the rules of the competition, but i`m glad you liked it! Thank you for your kind words and review :D!

yah, this is amazing.

its got to take some serious skill to do this no matter what program you use. this could be in like, god of war, or prince of Persia. Entrancing. damn.
my stuff on here is pretty juvenile compared to yours. but i would really like to know what program this is so i can plan to buy it in the far and distant future.

MaestroRage responds:

Hello muskweet0! First, thanks for dropping by and leaving a review, i'm glad you liked it :D!

Secondly, I don't think your music is juvenile. Budding true, but if you keep going, you can reach where I am, and even beyond. I am a believer that hard work can compensate for talent, if you're not born with it, which I often believe i'm not X'(!

In any case, please visit this page here to see what I use.


without the spaces, thanks and good luck!

it makes me melt!

Well done you did an mazing job congratulations on winning the muscian award your an amzing composer and i wish you good luck in the future


Very good song,but the song kinda altervishel in unther words could have been rip from some game u have but iny was good song......or good ripping lol

Holy Christ Wagons.

I swear, that should have been one of the scores in the movie Munich.
I've always loved your work but this one really proved to me how truly capable you are at making professional sounding pieces that have heart.
Totally jealous, but all the best all the same.