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Reviews for "_-={From Darkness, Rise}=-_"

It's Yours...

..and that's all I need to give it a ten :D


You can feel the magic of darkness into it it also makes me think of an epic war comming in a movie Sell this shit to spielberg he'll love ya :P


This track has a very original sound. However I cannot really describe it. It is like Peace and War are being combined in this track. It sounds like a conflict and an agreement at the same time. It feels good. However the trumpets bother me a bit. I think they are a bit too loud. Of course they are supposed to be that load when the are being blown on like that. It is just that it distorts a bit.
All of what I just said summarized into one sentence:
This is worth a high rating.
I give it a 10.

By far, your best work to date.

Fantastic composition! Your new library of samples sounds almost like your recording live. You're getting incredible good at composing strings. The pizzicato was a nice touch.

It even loops well. I've had it replay at least half a dozen times.


very good you never disapoint me very good love how it builds up.