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Reviews for "_-={From Darkness, Rise}=-_"


Amazing, once again Maestro you show that you have an amazing talent for music. It inspires other artists, I am one of them. I love this piece, please keep up the amazing work.

Wonderful sound!

Love what you've done with this.. Sounds orchestrated and just really works well. Lovely music everything flows.. hah you know me i'm all for leaving long reviews but after work today i'm tiiiiired so much luv great song!


nicly done like a pro

nicly done like a pro :)


When I ear it I remember the good art of org and violon music in castlevania symphony of the night!

I love it keep it up! and good job man ;)

Like Heroes-tunes

And I love those tunes. Gives me an inspiration to work on a new song aswell. Very nice work, really.

Don't have any advices or stuff like that to say, since mixing is very good and the song has dynamics.