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Reviews for "_-={From Darkness, Rise}=-_"

delicate madness

i am the nightmare
i can not wake from the mirror
reality inside of me
i am the nightmare
i am the fear
anger and hate manifest
i am the naked truth
a thousand broken memories
i am the shattered youth
i am inhumane
a thousand forms with the same name
i am the mask you can not bare
i am your naked fear
i am the nightmare

Very Intense

You did excellent on portray ethnicity in this piece. The fact that you were able to do that and make it so drama-full aswell really adds the spice. Very tense when it begins to build.

5/5 10/10
4.14 / 5.00 (+ 0.0024)

This is just awesome

Sometimes a piece of music makes me feel some way, but the really good music is, what doesn't change how I feel, only magnifies it, so I can understand it better. This is just the kind of music that changes meaning with my mood. You have an amazing skill with this kind of music, all of your themes are a masterpiece, keep it up!


to the preveos guy your expernces werent as bad as trying to run from death,its cald hands enveloped me,then blackenss there was no heaven no hell just a black abyss,i soon wock up pain rushing though my body my eyes watering....

It seemed so real...

Have you ever had that one dre...nightmare that just made you...feel...honestly i cant describe it. That one nightmare....oh i had it....and i can remember it. Its burnt into my mind, and sometimes when i close my eyes i still see it. The screams...the pain...and the horrors that....seem incomprehensible.

Here is what i saw...

I was flying through space, without any mechanical assistance. Watching the planets become blurs and the stars becoming smears of brilliant, vivid colors across my spectrum of vision. I then stopped and landed on a planet. Oh what a beautiful and strange world it was. Creatures that just...that just seemed to defy all laws of nature...and yet they were..they were perfect. Flora that are just unexplainable. They just seemed to dumbfound me. Then without warning...I blacked out. When i awoke...I felt it. The pain of hundreds of tiny creatures tearing and clawing at my gut, the heat of an unnatural flame that drenched the world, the unnatural angles that did but also didn't exist, and...and the scream if billions of souls captured and tortured. Then the little creatures started to grip and tear at my insides... I felt every tiny finger...every god damn cut and rip that those ugly and deformed creatures did to me.

Then.....I woke up screaming and grabbing along my gut trying to throw those imaginary creatures off me...

I hope i don't go back...

this was truly a real dream i had...