Reviews for "- Messing Around -"


this is definately the hypest i've heard in a long tyme good job

not bad

For an accident this beat goes kinda hard....good stuff bro. With a bit more work you might get a decent lyrical song.


Yo this beat is CRAZY, jeez, the clapping gives you little extra to nod your head to, ya smell me, you got something real hard right here G, keep it up, peace.

really good

Really nice beat. The only problem is that I hear this weird tom noise in the sample (i think?). Might want to cut that out. Other than that, it sounds great. Really epic sounding. Keep it up.


Greeksta-69 responds:

Why is it weird? lol....

Thanks for the review.



Hey man, nice beat!

Greeksta-69 responds:

Thanks man, i appreciate it.