Reviews for "Gisa's Dark Alley Expedition"

(cool aids voice) oh yeah


very hot

I love your futa drawings. please do more, maybe one with a girl jacking herself

Zenithar was dickslapped.

I agree with the author. I agree with every aspect of the author's statement. People will like different things, and you are not one to judge them for their preferences.
Otherwise, nice piece, well done.


I love shemales!! Keep it up!!! By the way, are these original characters?

Not again...

Why shemales??? Come on now!! A woman should have boobies and a nice juicy pussy! There isn't anything sexier than that. It's different if someone is a hermaphrodite she/he didn't have a choise. But why have dick and Boobs on ONE person? I don't understand!!!

34-san responds:

Should? You didn't commission this. You don't have a say in anything I put up here. If you don't understand it, then it's obviously not intended for you.

Human sexuality is complicated and can't be broken down into objective terms. If it were that simple, then there wouldn't be a multitude of fetishes and porn categories. People like different shit. Could you honestly give a non-biased answer as to why your preferences hold merit? You can't. You couldn't explain to me why tits are awesome any further than "tits are awesome."

That's why if you don't understand the appeal of shemales, then you're probably never going to.