Reviews for "Tickle-Me Hellmo"

totally odd/gay

fucking gay i'm not a big fan of dis shit like: Qardo but it suked ASS! i mean the jacket goes the wrong way wen he's unloading 1,000s of shots in to HELLMO one werd: GAY


I don't know what to say...but this...that was wrong...really really wrong. I mean I hate Ellmo but plz...plz...PLZ...that wasn't really funny.


Omdfg your so I337!!1 LOL LOL LOL i alfed my as s off LOL LOL LOL!!!!! j00 r00l manb!!3 Omtfg i cnat exprs es how c00l tht was! omfg eee eee eee!!! LOL LOL LOL!

LOL LOL LOL!!!!11 three

yeah it was ok

it was too short but it was funny

That was one of the best animations ive seen in mf

Yo whoever dissed this movie has problems it was great! Also i kinda figured Indy was the cowboy lol thanks for the heads up tho. It was funny and cool at the same time without going overboard it has that kinda epic quality to it.....