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Reviews for "Tickle-Me Hellmo"


that was funny.I mean really really funny keep them coming


Original concept and pulled off very nicely.

fucking hillarious

that was good man keep it up, that radio thing was funny

Another one!!!!111111111oneone

Yeah, well, let's see here.
Graphics - Glad you drew them yourself, didn't use sprites and such. Could have been more animation. That little opening scene looked good, but the rest wasn't that great.
Sound - Meh, it was ok. The matrix music is overused.
Style - Matrix parody is overdone. Sucks.
Violence - Sure, there was violence, but it wasn't impressive.
Humor - It was kinda funny, but I think you tried too hard to make us laugh.

I take you seriously as a flash author because it looks like you put some effort into it, but it really wasn't that good. Enough Matrix, enough Counterstrike.

Not bad

It was funny untill it became a Matrix parody. I'm tired of those, they're freakin everywhere.