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Reviews for "Tachikawa Mimi"

Great pic.

Proportionately this is really well done. Stormwraith at least Google the character to see what it looks like before you tell someone they screwed up drawing it.


and i like your attention to detail

I like the colors more than anything

The colors flow nicely everywhere together except for the hair. The water and shadows look really cool together....I love that water, makes me thirsty :3


Big sucker for anime and all... nice work

Excuse the rant, but...

As an artist (Not a professional, but not a begginer,, I hate it when people who have no idea what they're doing TRY to critique someone else's work. Look, if you're gonna comment on his stuff, go by this rule first: Can I draw this myself?

If the awnser is no, then shut up, comment on how good it is, maybe give a little tip or two, not a full-on guide on how to draw, and photoshop, written like you're the king of popular media.

If the awnser is yes, then Congratulations! You're probably a professional, and deserve to be praised. Act like one. Post your art here (proven to be yours) and THEN you can comment like a smartass.

As for my commentary, this is great, and I'd really like to know how you did the light reflections on the right wall and water. Thanks!