Reviews for "Tachikawa Mimi"

this is really good

the lighting on this was the first thing i looked at and it was very detailed, nice work on that one. the second was the background and you didn't put that great effort into it like from behind the girls back you made it alot more of a darker shadow than what it was intended to be, but that's the only thing wrong is your shadow the background is good. Now the girl itself you just nailed easily. this is from my perspective but if you want to draw a sexy female with the background included. try to work up more on the background ok?

kevinsano responds:

First off, how do you know what's it intended to be?

Second off, with this background probably reached the limits of my sanity (I really hate doing detailed, perspective-based backgrounds)


Big sucker for anime and all... nice work

Great Picture

Very Nice picture. Great Detail and lighting. Is this picture based on when Tai and Izzy walked in on her while she was taking a bath?

kevinsano responds:

Not initially, but it did inspire it eventually.

I like the colors more than anything

The colors flow nicely everywhere together except for the hair. The water and shadows look really cool together....I love that water, makes me thirsty :3


and i like your attention to detail