Reviews for "Lush"

This was cute

So this was kind of cute I like all the different elements in this one, the moon the baloons and the character, I do think you should ad some sort of "SHINE" on the baloons though that would be a cool idea and mayne some glare from the moon light, these are all just some ideas.

A few ideas suggested moonlight, shine on the baloons etc.


This is a very weird and very good picture! I guess the different styles turned me off a little. It still doesn't matter much, because this is great to look at. I have no clue what's going on here. I've seen a couple pictures like this before. It looks like those balloons are alive!

Wait no, they're just in the shape of elephants. I love how happy the crocodile is. Or alligator. It's hard to tell when he's orange. This is completely messed up, but also quite joyous.

Awesome, creative and imaginative. Looks wicked!


I like it, cute and interesting. Kinda reminds me of the orange dinosaur from the Animaniacs. I really like the detail too, Nice work!

Creativity at it's finest.

Gotta love what you can find in this picture. Cheeseasaurus Rex's missing brother floting around with a bunch of octoupus balloons in a city made out of the sky.

Very nicely done my good sir.

Also 100 art reviews! yahooo!