Reviews for "(old) IT Geeks"

Not bad

Not bad

Haha, nice!

Oh wow, this movie was hilarious! I hate Bill Gates & Microsoft with a passion (even though I use XP), so this was great.

Wonchop responds:

Yeah, I'd be able to reinforce my beliefs myself, but meh, it's a family computer so I'm forced, so I'll just stick to being angry at the Xbox.


its pronounced "lih-nicks"

woo yeah

After hearing the intro I just wanted to give up and BLAM it but it turned out to be semi entertaing...probably because I hate microsoft...


Where is part 1?Was that one blammed?If it was you should add that part to this version,id like to see it!Keep up the good work,im looking forward to more epiodes of The IT GEEKS!!!