Reviews for "(old) IT Geeks"

Great ideas

I loved this movie, it was ment to look pretty crappy with a lot of humor in it. It's been almost a year since this thing had a post so here you go.


the movie was good and the penguin is called Tux, he has a game called SuperTux

Haha linux vs microsoft

the linux thing was pretty funny, but I kinda didnt get why the microsoft guy was in the linux igloo thing? still, you rock.

good... for an early flash

Graphics: Appear too much like they're hand-done

Style: GEEK HUMER! WOOt! and you pronounced Linux one of 3 right ways (The others being lee-nux or le-nix), but the penguin's name is Tux...

Sound: needed a better microphone, but the voice-acting was good.

Violence: Fight scene...

Interac- NOBODY DOES INTERACTIVE MOVIES, thus you get a 5

Humor: see style

Soooooo gay

but it was funny anyway