Reviews for "(old) IT Geeks"


brilliant cartoon, funny and entertaining


Wow, this was funny! Only that the 'Linux penguin' is more often called Tux... This is definitely going in my favorites!

Strangely enjoyable

Despite the poor sound and animation, this had a strange appeal to it. The cheesiness definitely helps- it feels very intentional, like those Oxnard Montalvo movies the Angry Beavers used to watch. Man, that was a great show. When that's coming out on DVD? It better be soon, or I'll burn something.

So, um... right. Yeah. Good movie. Entertaining. For some reason.


Very different, I'll give it a 3 because the sound hurt my ears, but I definitely liked the reference to Linux . TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

I hate Microsoft!

I agree with you, Microsoft sucks! So I pretty liked your flash, even though it was a little crappy. And by the way, the sound was HORRIBLE!