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Reviews for "Take Me Out Of Here."

Very, very good.

Love the description.. great song. But anyways onto the art, I love the roaring waves crashing against the falling buildings and the character is standing very impressively with his clothes drenched.

You sir, deserve every 10 possible.


Someone is facing the reality...

Very impressive

This is an impressive art piece here it sorts tells a story of something here, like maybe end of world and people have left or some attack on the world, who knows but you give off the idea that something crazy has happend, the {DETAIL} is very nice detailed and good effects like the {SPARKLES} and stuff, now as it does tell a story i wouldnt mind knowing more in that aspect, maybe if you had like an old sigh showing something that happend or even an old newspaper of sorts would be a nice touch aswell, the colors you used are dark works well with the picture, i love the waves and such you gave it that real life like feel, very nice indeed, as to improving well more to the story would be a start, but really other then that it was very impressive.

more detail on what is going on, more to the story if you will