Reviews for "Clock News: Ep 3"

Why people review other people 0

I'm disappointed to see that some creators of flash movies go to other peoples submissions and review them 0 because they are so close to beat them, let's say, for the review award... Maybe it doesn't change a lot at the end, but this attitude make me sick... So bad Banana_shit is one of them... and that he even uses multiple accounts to achieve that.

your average clock movie, ...

... boring and unoriginal.

Banana-Clock responds:

wouldnt average be like a 5

i think it was kinda boring

no offense but this wasn't the greatest, i saw some other clock episodes that were kinda funny, but the computer voices made me get bored and i felt to the point where i just didnt watch the flash anymore. But some other flashes by you were good

good job

nice flash keep up the good work!!


Ur stuff is great..