Reviews for "Clock News: Ep 3"

it just sucked

boring, the voices were very annoying, and the "funny ending" wasn't funny it was stupid, stop wasting ur time on these


you are obviously a n00b, with no flash experience whatsoever, do u even know who the fuck the clock crew is? i didnt think so n00blet,

excellent guyz, hilarious,
B all teh way!!!!111

Fuck this one-line summary thing

I have to say that it was a bit draggy but I have to sya that the ending trully is golden. I almost fell out of my seat, I was laughing so hard! Ah that was good.

I've always loved this series..

It's a great idea, glad you kept on making em, cuz I'm never gonna stop loving them. Great parody of real news only using clocks. Nicely done, hope you make more of this. Keep up the great work Banana, we'll be rooting for you.

- BlueCherryClock

wtf is this

How is this good this sucks i see that u used stupid computer voices that made me want to turn my speakers off was so boring you used clocks sticks are better then clocks make stick figures plz they are so much better then fucking clocks and also i looked at the reviews and the only people that voted high for you are clock fans or diffrent accounts you made like the poster before me nismael said plz dont be stupid and make somthing that really can get a good vote instead of doing it yourself!!!!!