Reviews for "Clock News: Ep 3"


That was awesome! Really funny! FIFENATED


Really funny stuff here, the whole Mcnabb-Rush Sunday NFL Countdown deal was funny. Ncnabb does suck however. The sorry ass Panthers knocked his bitch ass outta the game!! "ouch! my rib" LOL Fucking pussy. (Go Bucs)



well, wasnt that funny

i think it was supposed to be funny, i think, but it just wasnt. still, nice work on all the other elements of the flash

The feeling is mutual

I hate black people too. I really liked the last line...."we our experiencing technical difficulties".

Good job banana clock for cutting into the bureaucracy of this politically correct sensitive society. State your opinions boldly !

My only complaint is that you should have used a different voice for Banana clock and the main news guy- that voice is trademarked as Strawberry's@! fifen