Reviews for "Clock News: Ep 3"


Personally I love the clock crew. The animation is great and the sound was on par. I must say it was also pretty damn funny. Keep up the good work.

Long live Strawberry Clock King of Teh Portal.


"personally i hate black people"....funniest fuckin line i ever heard, and im shaggin a black bird...hit the nail rite on the head there if u cant laff at this then you r a racist bastard

let them lefties get around that one


That was great. I'm not a fan of Rush by anyone's standards, but I thought it was crap that he had to resign over that. After all, McNabb is an over-rated qb...


i liked the first background.
skills have improved. nice work.

"Or as I like to call them, ni--"

You guys are bastards. XD

The movie sucked, the ending was awesome. Banana and Plum are freaking awesome. Review 10 or I'll bite your kneecaps off.