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Reviews for "Sonic: Uncut 2"


This is funny! The whole this IS 10x better than the first one!
Can't wait for the 3rd one.

wow cool!

hey very cool! but next time try to show more of amy body =P

HyperactiveYouth responds:

Hmmmm, I don't know if it's good that all these people want to see amy "in the fur".......heh

Man this is good, hope to see more.

This was such a good movie, i watched it 45 time, keep going.

HyperactiveYouth responds:

AYE! 11.25 hours is a long time!

Another Great Episode.

Sonic and his friends, and Shadow, have made thier triumphant return to Newgrounds in another episode of Sonic: Uncut! A "friend," of Sonic informs him he just won a contest to go to Mexico with four friends. Just the fact that Shadow traveling to another country should be enough to know that something else is bound to go wrong. The animation and sound are just as good as the last one...Mabey better! It is really something to see!

The Best Movie On The Site!!??!!

This is Unequivocally the best Movie on the site, I would say this is equal caliber to The Simpson’s, its TV Martial. I think everyone must see this. And I rate honestly, and this is the Highest mark I have ever given out. regardless to everything I think this may be the best, along with NGDM. Ill just say now “poor tails!”