Reviews for "Mariokart 64: Rainy Road"


I don't know what mktoosh is talking about. This isn't sad. It's relaxing, peaceful, ambient. A truly tranquil remix. Could you make more that sound like this?

Iv'e gone through 20 songs for my ipod......

But this is the only song I stopped to listen to. This is sad yet awesome at the same time!

Mario kart the movie!

listening to this I just want to make a small flash vid of a climactic mario grand prix starting in the finals with the racers in the pits and then lining up to race.


I like the slower pace of the song, but it makes me remember how much I hated that level LOL!!! Great job.


This was one fantastic remix of what was the best theme on any Super Mario Kart game in Rainbow Road,the idea of it being rainy and a slower pace was very creative and the creation was even better with the rain & thunder sound effects,i was very impressed with this remix and hope you think of other creative way to remix video game themes. =)