Reviews for "Tutorial x6"

cool concepts in tutorial

thats pretty cool tutorial (considering that tutorials are scripts people copy+paste and dont even bother learning haha) you had some rili cool concepts there, like the gta car and asteroid car movements! i liked them


But not ok enough,youll have to do better then this to do good,the more tuorials you have doesnt make it better,make the tutorials better instead.


It's ok

It was good but you didn't teach anything about why you wrote what you wrote as far as the actionscript goes. You just told people to paste it in to the correct area but left them asking "Why am I doing this?"


ok that was better then the last one you submited. However, the advanced stick figure section is still crap. Just get rid of that entire sectio nand it will be better.

That was helpful....

but I couldn;t figure out how to pen the expert mode in actions. I guess I'm stupid but it was annoying. If you could reply and tell em what to do more precisly or put that in your video that would be great. Thanks.

mcintyrej responds:

click on the options button which is just above the part where the actionscript goes, its a square with an arrow on it. Hope It Helps!!