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Reviews for "Year of the dragon"

fucking great!

im not the best and this piece of artwork is crazy! i would like to see the dragons to be more bone/skeletal since the guitar is a skull but everything is still crazy good. :)

Impkid responds:

Hmmm that could make a great picture , maybe in some future artwork, thanks 4 the review!


duude , when i was reading " 2012 will be the year of the dragon" i thought you're kidding , but then google have answered...you did awesome stylisation - keep up with this or similiar dragon's style , i prefer more " realistic" dragons than cartoony x) and everytime i look at the guitar i think its a bone , i dunno why :D in my opinion you did nice work with shadows on that chick , i like her tattoo and haircut - totally fits her x)

Impkid responds:

Thanks for making a detailed review, since the second half of the past year i'm been working on this style, and i'm glad to see that's having so much appreciation,
i will keep working to improve my style.

Thanks for the support!

I have foudn what i've been looking for!

A little revising, and this is going to be my tattoo! :D thanks

Impkid responds:

That would be awesome!, you're welcome


Wish it was bigger so id put it 4 me wallpaper

Impkid responds:

I think that soon i'll upload it again with that in mind, thanks

This might sound stupid coming from a bad artist..

But I'll say it. I like your stuff, and it's great as always. But here are some mistakes you made (hope that this will help you, because I'm not trying to be a little bitch): the strings don't go all the way to the end of the guitar, the neck of the guitar is and the head look a bit flat, the fingers that are pressing the frets should be pointing out with their joints because they look like they're totally bent, like they are not pressing strings with their tips. I do understand that you didn't go with the realistic look of the guitar, but because I'm a guitarist this kinda caught my eye... But, like I said, all of the stuff above doesn't have any impact on the greatness of the picture, so here's a nine.

Impkid responds:

I Knew!!! that someone would make that kind of critics, it's cool, i will keep that in mind.