Reviews for "#~* Mario Eurobeat *~#"

Yeah. Is a kewl word.

Great remake!! I love the sounds and how fast it is. I can even tap my foot to it!


It's so fast and festive! Great job!


This is nicely done.

good job

holy crap dude you got this down man nice job!

nice!!!!! lol brings back good days

but the claps sound like farts lol but makes it funny. cant stop playing song over and over and over and over and (slaps-self) huh were am i and wats this great beat must play again and agian (etc... 20 pages of over and over) good job man i love mario good remix i played this song like a hundred times its great but the claps could use improvement other than that its a good job (t.n.t) YAH MARIO!!!!!! kick that over grown tirtle in his shells .