Reviews for "Howard Dean Alarm System"


NullZilla this was one of the funniest flashes I have seen in quite some time. The sounds in it almost made me think it was an actual commercial. I know a person would have to be crazy not to at least snicker at that movie.

THX for a good laugh, I needed it!!

Redneck D
Redneck for a new millenium


That was really funny! His scream was indeed gay.

Funny shit man

I love this perdery you did. I hate howard dean and his scream. I going 2 buy the Howard Dean Alarm System and piss every 1 in my block. LOL


Graphics: Pretty decent and works very well. (8)

Sound: The sound effects and voicing (literally) is just perfect! Sounds really legitimate and convincing. (10)

Interactivity: N/A

Style: Combined with Overall

Humour: LOL! I literally can't stand Howard Dean and this scream alarm is hilarious. Forget the road to the White House, bring on the road to Oprah! (9)

Violence: His scream is violent lol. (4)

Overall: A funny little clip. Great job!