Reviews for "Howard Dean Alarm System"

I was hoping to hear that speach he gave in Iowa

The I was hoping to hear that kick ass speech he gave at the end of the Iowa Caucus where he is using a pro-wrestler tone of voice.

I don't care what the media thinks. After that speech, Dean has my vote.

The only thing missing was Meen Gene Simons, a pair of sunglasses, a cowboy hat, a feather boa, and a hearty "OHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" at the end.

Hardasses for Dean!
If his temper is this bad here, imagine the new assholes Dean would rip in the back sides of the anal rententive European Union when he becomes president!


haha, that was awesome. one guy on the radio looped it for like an hour, it was great.



wow that was awesome


that was awesome man!!!!
yeah that howard dean has been freaking us all out.
nice job with the voice man, is that you?
well anyway thanks for the laugh, i voted 5.
props props props =)


Although ur animations aren't that good the idea and the sound were good. Somebody had to rip on that...I'd like to see more YEEEEAAAAWWWWWWWWAHHHHHHH Dean ripoffs, I always thought when he did it he resembeled Yosomite Sam...Anyhow..great idea