Reviews for "Howard Dean Alarm System"


Unfortunatly for you stevenherman...words like "gay" and "fairy" etc. are part of mainstream american society and if you dont like it then kiss my ass you gay aids-ridden butt-slamming douche bagging COCK IN THA ASS jewish faggot fairy!

Anyway i liked this submisson and keep up the good work.


I agree with "theOtherTruth”. I find the use of the word "gay" to describe anything to be “grossly offensive and ignorant” (except ,of course, when describing light-heartedness or mirth).

Please refrain from future use of said appellation and instead use "fairy", "faggot" or perhaps "aids-ridden butt-slammer".

I hope I don’t come off as being overly dictatorial, I mean, I could even live with “limp-wristed pansy”; but, again, the term “gay” is “grossly offensive and ignorant” -to both myself and TheOtherTruth and about 7 or 8 other people in the word.

Although, in some capacity, I do agree that the good doctor’s scream is, in fact, gay.

If someone had rammed a large object up my rectum, I’m sure I’d emit a screech quite similar to that of good ol’ Howie (...Howlie?).

Nevertheless, good work.

funny as hell!

now THAT was funny.


Hehe, funny stuff.


that was TO FUKING FUNNY! that was great tho really i was hopeing to hear the spech to thO!