Reviews for "Marble Zone (piano ver.)Sonic1"


Awesome mix saku! You always mix the greatest of Sonic songs :P

Marble Zone is my personal favourite zone btw :D.

Your pal,


too fukin good

wow dude. strange yet good.

Very well done.

Very upbeat, but yet sad. It's wierd. Anyway, I like it.

But, once again, gotta do something about that "bad quality" sound if you know what I mean. That's the only problem, otherwise perfect.

What can i say...

When not even words could even begin to describe the brilliance of this piece, Overwhelming, Man.. Its not often music leaves me with nothing to say but this is that excellent, i'l leave it at that.
Well done.


I dont know what is is about piano, but it makes me happy as hell.
It's beautiful my love.
I love you so much