Reviews for "Marble Zone (piano ver.)Sonic1"

Truly a work of art

This is simply an amazing arrangement of Sonic 1's Marble Zone. That stage has always been, by far, one of my least favorite stages and is the reason I hate all lava stages in all games so the music from that stage has never been on my high list of compositions that I'd wanna hear but this piano arrangement has made me love this theme for the first time. The fast, moving parts in :28 - :42 and again repeated & 1:09 - 1:23 were truly beautifully done. The balance between the calm and the fast moving parts is excellent. I'm in total awe at this piece. Well done.


This is too epic... and for that you should be given a reward

DreamEater responds:

what do i get? lol
~Dj Sonik

For a Video Game Mix

I usually don't pay any attention to VGM's but this one was definitely worth it, Great Job, keep at it


This is a very cool remix. Keep up the awesome job, dude!


its so peaceful but yet at the same time i still get the sonic feeling good job :)