Reviews for "Marble Zone (piano ver.)Sonic1"

I like it.

Only thing I see to improve on is the piano. It sounded almost like it was echoing or something at points and I don't think it fit with the song really. But still a great remake of an old song.


I'm just surprised people dont use this in massage places and stuff like that! It's brilliant! (p.s: I've never actually got past marble zone :S even though its level 2!)

Thank you! I needed to hear someone with greatness

As a man i don't think it's right to say what i am about to say next.

I think i'm in love with this song...

Jeez!! How long did it take you to come up with something like this? It sort of gives me this (Midna's Desperate Hour from LOZ TP & a Secret of Mana vibe for some reason)

This is beautiful, great job putting this together man!!

DreamEater responds:

actually bro it didn't take long
the original piano melody was made in the same key
and then i ran them together.

the blending of the two piano parts is key with this one =]
thanks for the review
~Dj Sonik


just awesome can describe it.AWESOME!


Breathtakingly awesome!!!