Reviews for "Marble Zone (piano ver.)Sonic1"

id love to hear it without the clipping

sounds really good i really like the fast piano parts with the echoing


Watch your mixer levels, man, this suffers from some clipping issues. Otherwise good song.

Very Relaxing and well made

This, is just so nice and has a better feeling than the original. The piano was the right way to go, good job!

Maybe I'll give out a ten someday... Nah!

A piano mix fits this song well, and like most of it's sonic kin, Marble Zone is a very enjoyable song.

Oh, whatever. I liked it.

I know that the original of game music cannot really be lengthened without killing the song, and it is catchy, a good choice. I like piano, and that's what you pulled. Good job.

another awesome remix

I really like the piano but sometimes the song would sound kinda muffled. Still, sounds awesome and great piano playing