Reviews for "ToS- te´thealla battle"


Omfg wow! That's nice!! I love this!! I'm adding this to my favorites!! Plus i loved how u made it last longer enough to repeat itself twice! Most songs only play it once.

Earthbound-boy responds:

Hehe, thank you for reiewing and putting this to your favorites! XD


I personally loved this. Hearing this brings me back to that sleepless night I played this... After being sucked out of Sylvarant with the whole point of the game shifting, and this kick-ass new battle music popped up in Tethe'alla. Love Symphonia to no end..

Yeah, your remix brought that back to me. Awesome job with this.

Earthbound-boy responds:

wow...that´s deep. Thank you!


Song's name is "Like a Glint of Light" but everyone calls it te'thella battle lol...

interesting take on it, synthy doesn't quite work, but good job none the less, I've done this song too, and I like this remix, very nice :)

Earthbound-boy responds:

i wanted to leave it synthy but the harsh synth is meant to be an e-guitar. i didn´t have the right plugin for an e-guitar, so it might sound weird XD. thanks for the critic and review

i love

the symbol break down at the end

Earthbound-boy responds:

cool thank you^^

a pleasant mix

Your creativity moves in a positive direction.

Earthbound-boy responds:

oh, what an unusual comment XD thank you very much!