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Reviews for "But Who Will Save The City"


The beginning gave me a HUGE headache :D

The songs really good though, nice job!

SymbolCymbal responds:

hahaha yeah lol it pumps a little at the begining
thanks for the review


fresh (like a clean market) and awesome

Lol, nice

An interesting blend of random epic battles in each pattern.. haha
The beat was by far my favorite part of the song, the strings at 1:35 were a little odd, though, but right when it all came back in at 1:41, it was good. I liked your ending, by the way, which I haven't been saying for a while now.
The only main thing I didn't like about the song was sometimes it seemed very off, especially when those little background whistles came in. It was what added to the random mix, though, so it's all good.
I can kind of see this in a hilarious night flash battle :P
-Vesta J


yes yes, an interesting combination of different styles of music. and it remember me different genre of: game music, film music, any music :)

but its a great idea, it could more acidizied sounds in it and drums more power i think
otherwise its a good track
keep it up :D

Who, You Ask?

Clawman will! *chuckle* Once again, fusions of music styles create an entertaining piece. I really can imagine a superhero on top of a building, zooping down do smash the bad guy.

(P.S. Anyone wanting to know about Clawman should check my work.)

SymbolCymbal responds:

hey man if you ever do a spinoff of clawman or ever want to use this tune you are more than welcome. im glad symbol:cymbol put some pictures in your head . thanx for the review