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Reviews for "But Who Will Save The City"


Pure win is inscribed into this song. It sounded a bit like Crash Bandicoot for a couple seconds, which is a good thing! Would be very useful for my upcoming game! I may use it!


I totally see something like QUEST on tv lol, something along those lines! kool stuff man i can so see batman shit right there lol! but with a sort of spiderman feel 2 it awsomeness lol

SymbolCymbal responds:

im thining about redoing this song in logic studios... reason doesn't have the capabilities of making this type of song sound awesome with my abilities in it .. im sure SBB could make this awesome .. sadly i cant... yeah so im gonna redo it in logic...
thanks for the review im glad you liked it.


I know I say this a lot but I like it.
I think it has a nice beat to it.
good work.

SymbolCymbal responds:

Sweet im glad you liked it. But what do mice have to do with it?


this is one hell of a fighting song slash jouney song i love it i can image my self now fight a large mob of bad guys or a big boss or flyign theoogutht the city with a jetpack awsome *tips the hat* bravo chum

SymbolCymbal responds:

well if your going to do that ... do it with an mp3 player so it doesnt skip...JTHM reference..thank you for the tip of the hat .. I tip my helmet to you.

thanks for the awesome review. i wish i could be there killing bad dudes with ya but alas rikimaru needs me at echigoyas house. .. something about waiting for his signal.... then lighting a fuse.. and killing whoever enters the southern wing of his complex...... well gettin paid is gettin paid ... you know how it is.... ill get back to you on that... but ill be listening to dreamwalker while i kill... BTW its my birthday.. 10/14 woo hooooooo

This is yes!!!

This is what I've been looking for! I needed a theme and or opening theme for Waffle Man! If you'd let me I'd like to use this in the next episode of The Waffle Man Chronicles! :D

SymbolCymbal responds:

Awesome .. im extremely glad you liked it.
fell free to use this in the waffle man chronicles. cant wait to see your application =)