Reviews for "Hoe Blow 2004"

Holly shit!!!

That kicked ass, this is one of oyur best ones yet, keep up teh good work!


Livecorpse responds:

i will dude thx for teh review


really cool!

Definately one of your better ones

This one was... in my opinion, one of your better flashes.

I don't know why though, it felt like the same old same old, but there was something about it I Can't quite put my finger on.

Anyways, it was alright, Good job as usual.

Unless i'm mistaken..

..I think I caught some swivel action. Good music selection aswell.

Livecorpse responds:

not sure what swivel action is, but thx mr pop alot


I love weird shit like that, it makes me laugh. Its always good to see something new. Even if it does scar you for life mentally... And stuff.

That guy can't rap THAT good, but he's got some skill.

Livecorpse responds:

Hey thats cool ya liked it. was just shootin for something a bit different,