Reviews for "Insane Orb"

great game, nice work man, pretty epic!

45 million views, 2.90/5 rating :(

now HERE'S a GOOD Pong clone.

The gravity wells are quite nifty, as is Pac-Man. There's definitely room for improvement here... a better indication of levels changing (read: big text saying "Level X"), a better AI (it's very easy, to the point that Lazy Mode does pretty well), and a few other miscellaneous balance changes (make the fire a one-hit thing, rather than shoving the ball all the way across and/or through things).

OK, I've rambled awhile... end result: great job.

that was good

it would have been good with a different character for the second "boss" but it was a very good game. i think you like mario very much!

wow that was crazy, just beat it on normal. haha dare I try Hard?