Reviews for "Insane Orb"

A fun game worth playing

This game is great! it seemed kinda boring at first, with the regular pong, but every new aspect that i found in the game, made it better. Shooting shots, gravitational areas, falling blocks, and pacman on crack!

The pacman part seemed to be coicidence, but the music at the end made me pretty sure... that this was partially inspired by my games, Sonic the Pervert 1 and 2. Hehehe, awsome! It made my day.

dude, no offence

but this game was super easy, i beat it while eating a bowl of cereal, and when i went to get another bowl, i beat it. pretty easy, but cool at the same time

...and the hit's keep on come'n.

Wow! Good game!
I came into this thinking that it was going to suck...but I was WRONG!
9 out of 10 only because my sound doesn't work.
(I have no speakers.)

Pong the way it was meant to be played ;)

Pong, whats to say about it? Being it was one of the first video games ever made it doesnt seem as exciting as it was back then in the 1960's or so but this definetly updates the original and makes it more interesting and playable with so many unpredictable hazards and stages you can have a ball with this one! It's no wonder this game has nearly 40,000,000 views!

Also theres evena boss stage whoda thought.

Hope we can get a remixed version in the future!

good game cmon guys cause it has views dont be jealous
Keep up the good work by the way :)