Reviews for "Insane Orb"

Flash Pong never tasted so good

That was very easily the most inventive, most fun, and most creative Pong game ever (except Pong for Playstation but that's out of flash). That being said, if you're planning on making a sequel, I suggest:

- Making the enemy paddle shoot except on easy (I'd imagine this would be hard but not impossible)
- adding more guest appearances and other stuff, like, um, maybe some... line that spins around whacking the ball... or something
- Replacing the final boss
- Semi-lazy mode that shoots for you but keep you in control of moving.

This thing's really well optimized too. Definately great, almost as great as Mario World:Overrun.

wicked game.

this game was wicked 1 of the best ive played on newgrounds so far.

i liked the mario music and the pacman was a good touch.
it was challenging and very fun to play its definaltly going in my favorites.

glued to the screen

wow. i didnt expect pacman to come into this. this is a very unorthodox way to play pong but i like it.the trick is to shoot the ball into the other players goal, but thats a bit obvious. the game plays up to 75 for those who want to know. i lost 75 /72

A great game!

But a note, the final boss is beatable by doing nothing!

This game is beast, I thought I would never play pong. There should have been more things like mario and sonic though