Reviews for "Insane Orb"

Amazing pong game

I don't know if you made up the gravity feilds or got the idea off of something else, but it was amazing. Definatly one of the best pong games ever, and that's really saying something. Fantastic work.

Final Score was: 2 : 75

That sonic/pac-man thing was easier than the other bar, i kept shooting through him while he was spinning with the ball and winning, it was kind of easy even on hard mode. I really liked the music though, great game.

Instant 9

It's not bad.. it gets a 9 because you used A Boy and His Blob music... heheh. I love that game.


Now I'm Ol'Skool So I'm A Fan Of Vertual Ping Pong.And I Love This Remastered Version.

Great game man. With more content, some multiplayer, and a bit of polish you could sell this on Xbox Live and steam.