Reviews for "Insane Orb"

Geez why does pac-man hate me so?

Really good game for its simplicity and i spent all night beating it on insane. Its like pong on crack.

wicked game.

this game was wicked 1 of the best ive played on newgrounds so far.

i liked the mario music and the pacman was a good touch.
it was challenging and very fun to play its definaltly going in my favorites.

glued to the screen

wow. i didnt expect pacman to come into this. this is a very unorthodox way to play pong but i like it.the trick is to shoot the ball into the other players goal, but thats a bit obvious. the game plays up to 75 for those who want to know. i lost 75 /72

A great game!

But a note, the final boss is beatable by doing nothing!

This game is beast, I thought I would never play pong. There should have been more things like mario and sonic though