Reviews for "Insane Orb"

Flash Pong never tasted so good

That was very easily the most inventive, most fun, and most creative Pong game ever (except Pong for Playstation but that's out of flash). That being said, if you're planning on making a sequel, I suggest:

- Making the enemy paddle shoot except on easy (I'd imagine this would be hard but not impossible)
- adding more guest appearances and other stuff, like, um, maybe some... line that spins around whacking the ball... or something
- Replacing the final boss
- Semi-lazy mode that shoots for you but keep you in control of moving.

This thing's really well optimized too. Definately great, almost as great as Mario World:Overrun.


Wow tis is the best pong game I ever played! my final score is opponent 9
me 75
hurray fer me

Great Game


I demand MORE OF THIS !! ^_^

Where shal I start......

Oke I start with graphics :
10 becouse its genius, I mean if you just look at it its just simple but if you play you realize thats its soo much better than som inpressive s**t (it still looks great :) ) becouse if it was, you just couldnt concentrate on the action!

Style : = inventive becouse its just art to make combos (shoot, let bounce at a block, fire at it, score) (AGAINST FRIENDS) and the black(?) holes are great to (now you can trick someone hehe..).

Sound : sorry I have none on my comp. ...

Violence : HAHA, sorry.... when I shoot at PAC-MAN I just feel spooky
(like one of these dirty ghosts >_< in the game and thats terrible (kidding) , he is my hero...).

Interactivety : I am just happy that i can control the ball while he is in the dark hole....

Humor : A PACK-MAN thats trying to interrupt (or even win) the game
thats is played with a ball ??? It could be me, but I think Thats pretty Humor!

Overall : Why all these congrats. about this game (well done) and than a 9? Ill explain... When you have played this game you want more , but when you realize there are no MULTIPLAYER parts you feel pitty
becouse you have a perfect MULTIPLAYER game here.

Sooo, if you could (PLEASE!!!! I BEG YOU) make a multiplayer game-part in it (with easy-hard settings ,point-settings, how much dark holes etc. , thats a few ideas) ill give you all 10-rating.

( -_-)
( U U)*


This game is beast, I thought I would never play pong. There should have been more things like mario and sonic though