Reviews for "Insane Orb"

Not bad..

this is a good game. You should change the music every few minutes. The msic gets annoying after awhile. I wouldnt be surprized if this made daily 1st place. This is good! plz make a second version and add more than 3 obstacles. I gave u a 5! Keep up the cool work!

How Pong Should Have Been

You bring pong to a new level! If you added about two more things and have more levels you could package this and sell it!


this game was awesome i only have 1 problem at the end win u fight da giant pacman dude i stayed in the middle and win it came out he never touched it???was that sapouse 2 happen??

cool !

well done! it kept me from suffering from boredism for 10 minuets! hehehe! cool game dude !

Very Creative!

I thought the game was "Out of this World". It was very addicting, I just couldn't stop playing 'till I beat the game. There where suprises around every corner, it never got boring. Pacman is a good touch, plus i think it's safe to assume your a sonice fan... Anyways for a sum up... Interactivity=10 sounds=7(I prefer techno) Visual=10 Difficulty=9(not too hard, not too easy... Remember this isnt rateing on how hard it is, rather it's balance) Fun=9(pacman is a nice touch, and i like that he is the final boss but... something else would've been nice) Overall=9/9.5(but they wont let me rate it that)... PS: I won!!! 57/75