Reviews for "Insane Orb"

original amusing reminds me of pong

good game differnt but why did u make it kinda like pong.

Very Addictive

That was one of the best lash games I've ever played!

Wouldn't be surprised if I saw it on eBaums one day XD

The only problems (that made the game easier) was that sometimes the ball went right through the other players blocker thing, and if the little pac-guy swallowed the ball, you could just fire a lazer and he would release it. Maybe it would be a little harder if that wasn't possible. You have very good ideas, the gravity fields were great!


In all my years I have never seen Pong made so cool.

Once they find out just how many decimal places there are in Pi, I'm giving you that many brownie points.

awesome game

i love this game!!1

and for anybody wondering... as far as i can tell you win at 75 points

oh yeah

Beat the comp 73 to 5!! WHAT NOW?!?!?