Reviews for "Insane Orb"


i disagree.i reached 75 points and whne i gto to giant pacman i was LOSING
i won though,no blasts
say,isn't the poacman music from none other than sonic?


you need some variety of gravity fields between 60 pts and 75 pts
and a hint to anyone else: you MUST i repeat MUST use the blast to beat giant pacman.

a great suped-up version of pong

i liked but 75 points is far too much and the pac man/sonic thing was a bit strange and would of been better if u had just sonic or just pacman


this game sucks... it's creative with the 'shoot' thing but kinda kills it since the left paddle thing cant do it... and the game would probably be good if the retarded pacman thing wasnt in there... winning is basically a chance in this game.. like rolling 6 sided dice and you have to get 5-6 to win, only it takes about 8 minutes to roll

Great Addictive Game!

This game was awesome! I really enjoyed it a lot. I played non stop for 2 hours. The sounds are engaging and the graphics are awesome. Also the whole new ping pong system is really cool! Keep up the good work!