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Reviews for "LoZ:MC - Vaati Battle"


Wow Dude this song is awesome!!!!!

Beacon515L responds:

Thanks! XD

It's the second battle right?

well It's a really good remix trough Weegee is proud of you! >:)

Beacon515L responds:

Actually it's the final battle. But still. XD


Final battle,
Part 2: Vaati Transfigured!

That is the part huh?
Cause music changes in every part, but THIS is the music that gets stuck in your head!!!! XD

Awesome Job!

Beacon515L responds:

Thankies! XD

As always....

Impressive. The tune from the original can be heard, and you gave it a more powerful feeling in my opinion...

And to those of you confused from reading the reviews, it's the second part of the final boss battle -.-

Awesome remix. I wish Vaati had gotten more love. He would have been a PERFECT villain for a Wind Waker sequel.