Reviews for "Pikachu gets it!"

CRAP nah not really

It Was Boring Not Like your other FLashs but this your 1st and ur way more better then me i didnt get to learn how to use Flash but good Job and now i gotta right more stuff Becuse Of NGS again!


You lucky bastard! I've always wanted to do that to pikachu! He always get knocked of cliff walls but never bleeds. That pisses the shit outta me! Bleed pika, bleed!

Poor Pikachu!

Yes, I know, I am seventeen and its the year 2005, and still I like pokemon, somebody pay for my psychotherapy sessions! Here is my account number: ?????????????


I LIKE THIS!!! Ih ate pikachu
its so annoying
Keep up the good work
P.S. If there wasn't any sound, i gave it a ten anywaybecause i don't have any sound :-P

Hahah cool

I like the part where he/she/it gets mauled by all the bullets.